Bethel Baptist Church of Pinehurst, TX

Another AMAZING Sunday in Atebubu, Ghana, Africa ! 40 adults and 30 children in attendance.

All glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Where Real love makes a Real difference in a Real world !

Pastor Samuel Appiah and family


​The congregation has voted to name their church as

​"Bethel Baptist Church of Attebubu, Ghana, Africa" !  What an honor to our missions giving and to our loving God and Savior Jesus Christ.

​The name "Bethel" means home and these fine folks and hopefully many more will find their home at this church and in our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Worship service in the new building in Atebubu, Ghana.

Behold ! How they love one another !


​​What a mighty work is being done by faithful people and a supportive and giving church !

This once again proves you can't out give GOD !!