Bethel Baptist Church of Pinehurst, TX

​​What a mighty work is being done by faithful people and a supportive and giving church !

This once again proves you can't out give GOD !!

​The congregation has voted to name their church as

​"Bethel Baptist Church of Attebubu, Ghana, Africa" !  What an honor to our missions giving and to our loving God and Savior Jesus Christ.

​The name "Bethel" means home and these fine folks and hopefully many more will find their home at this church and in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another AMAZING Sunday in Atebubu, Ghana, Africa ! 40 adults and 30 children in attendance.

All glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A Worship service in the new building in Atebubu, Ghana.

Where Real love makes a Real difference in a Real world !

Behold ! How they love one another !

Pastor Samuel Appiah and family