​Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is coming again. It could be today. Are YOU ready ?

We proudly STAND for our flag and KNEEL for the CROSS of JESUS !!!.



Bethel Baptist Church of Pinehurst, TX

The Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles during the
Pentecost time. Jesus promised that He would send the Holy Spirit to all who believe on Him.

Do YOU have the Holy Spirit in you ? Or are you just going through the motions of Christianity?

Our LORD and SAVIOR has risen indeed !

Praise HIM, praise HIM !

Sunday Morning: 06/13/2021

9:30 am - Sunday school classes

  Continuing study of Josuha


10:30 am - Main Worship Service

     "Defeating the pandemic virus of "ENVY"

Matthew 20: 1-16


Children's message

"God's phone number"


6:00 PM - Sunday evening:

      "Is there anyone...that I may show him kindness?"



6:00 PM - Wednesday - 

      Prayer meeting and Bible study

  "our journey through 2 Thessalonians



 A nursery will not provided during ALL services due to the concern of contact contagions. if a nursery is needed, the parent(s) will need to attend to their child(ren) as needed. 

However, The nursery also is equipped with sound to allow those in the nursery to hear and participate in the services.